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We are a family of farmers who love the land, who work it, respect it and live it with passion. We value this environment and invite you to participate

La Rovira is a country house which belongs to the Casa Malla in Sagàs. It is an independent farm house located at 2,5 km from the small town of Sant Andreu de Sagàs (Berguedà) and at 2 km from the manor house.
The main activities of this house are the agriculture (cereal and fodder crops); the extensive cattle farming; the pig, capon and poularde farming, and the forest activities (www.calrovira.cat).

Tancant cercles

Tancant cercles is the expression of a way of life, the philosophy of producing in accordance with traditional artisan customs and controlling all production processes.

The circle begins on the land –which is the origin of everything and gives meaning to who we are, a farming family– and ends at the dish, a reflection of the surrounding environment. The cuisine is an integrated part of the landscape and thus gastronomy and the country are inseparable words.

The land is essential: it is the base for the orchard, it supplies Els Casals kitchen, and is the source of the cereals and pastures for feeing livestock, including poultry, beef and swine. The circle also encompasses the preparation of preserved meats, with processes handed down through the experiences of generations to maintain authentic and traditional flavours..

This virtuous circle is reflected in our daily work: the farming and processing of pig products from Cal Rovira, you can visit; Els Casals restaurant where you can sample cuisine terroir marked by temporality of the product; and House of Rural Tourism La Rovira where you can enjoy a quiet but at the same time, with all the necessary amenities.

We invite you to join this world of passion!

rural agrotourism house services in La Rovira Berguedà
closing circles rural agrotourism la rovira
closing circles rural agrotourism la rovira



Discover La Rovira

Guided tour:

From LA ROVIRA, we invite you to take a circular walk of about 3.5 km and without any of difficulty for a perfectly signposted route through the house’s estate, between forests and pastures. The path reaches the livestock facilities and the Cal Rovira workshop where we make our own products, free of allergens, from our pigs. We will show you the different parts of the farm, our way of working and producing according to the philosophy of “Tancant cercles” which allows us to control each and every process from the land to the plate. The route continues towards Els Casals restaurant and La Rovira.



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